AP - the Christian Magazine

Published quarterly  (Feb, May, August & November)

AP is a full-colour gloss, reformed, evangelical magazine, with over 20,000 copies distributed free-of-charge quarterly to evangelical and reformed ministers and congregations (including evangelical Anglican, Presbyterian, Christian Reformed, Baptist, Church of Christ, Congregational Fellowship and Evangelical Community Churches), Christian schools, theological colleges, Christian campsites, campus ministries and mission organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

AP makes space available to Christian businesses and ministries to advertise their services throughout Australasia. Download the AP Magazine Advertising Rates here.

There are two options for advertisers:

  • The AP magazine itself, with the reach described above; or
  • The Presbyterian Supplement, with close to 8,000 copies distributed quarterly to Presbyterian readers along with their copy of AP. Like AP, the Supplement is a full-colour gloss magazine.

Advertisers who wish to focus on Presbyterian readers should consider the Supplement, especially as the advertising rates for the Supplement are lower because of the smaller print run. Download the Supplement Advertising Rates here.

              BOOKING DEADLINE              FINAL ARTWORK DUE
February Issue   20th December   3rd January
May Issue   20th March   3rd April
August Issue   20th June   3rd July
November Issue   20th September   3rd October

For enquiries,

Gordon Fay
Business Manager | AP Magazine
P.O. Box 2173, Homebush West, NSW 2140
Ph (02) 8003 7519

Past Issues of AP

Past issues of AP from 1998-2016 are available for free download. Select year from the Past Issues of AP menu in the top menu bar.

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